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Email Marketing

A direct, inexpensive, effective way to connect with your customers

With more than 2 billion of us online these days, the number of emails being sent and received is absolutely mind boggling. Email marketing is a powerful form of advertising that allows business to reach their audience and engage them at little cost.

With no printing or postage costs, email marketing is far cheaper than direct mail. It’s also fast - almost instant - and it allows you to keep track of how many recipients are actually opening the message and reading what you have to say.

With an opt-in email marketing campaign, it’s not uncommon to get a 5-15% response rate - people opening your email and clicking on one of its links. It’s a great way to highlight monthly offers or email-only offers to your audience.

Remember, we’re not talking about spam here. It’s no use to your business or its reputation to bombard anyone and everyone with pages and pages of shameless promotional material.

Opt-in email marketing means customers register that they’re keen to receive emailed content from you - this is turn means you can find out how many of your visitors want to hear more from you, which provides valuable knowledge for your business’s future.

At Sites n Stores, we know a thing or two about email marketing. It’s not just about pushing products and luring current customers back with flashy specials. Email marketing is about cultivating stronger connections with your audience and gathering intelligence about who likes what and why. It’s about sending the right message to the right people at the right time.

It’s direct, fast and with us, it’s cheap. Talk to Sites n Stores today to learn more about how email marketing can play a role in your online business’s success.

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