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Online Stores

An online store or ecommerce website can do great things for your business. It can make more of an impact than a physical store (reaching a greater audience) while costing far less. Ecommerce is a brilliant way to take on your more established competitors - and win.

Where are your sales staff?

Nowhere. With an online store, you don’t need to employ shop attendants. Customers browse and buy using an online shopping cart – credit card transactions mean you get paid immediately and you don’t lose a large chunk paying wages.

Low, low overheads

No rent on a shop for your products and no staff to pay for being there. On top of that, having a website means you’re effectively open 24/7. And with your site answering the bulk of customer’s questions, you’re saving time. It’s easy to see why the costs come down when you take your business online.

Find out if an ecommerce website or online store is right for your business.

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Reach more people in better ways

A website or online store allows your business to reach a much bigger audience worldwide, meaning you can increase sales and provide better service to existing customers. Online shopping is vastly more convenient for the consumer – the easier it is to buy products, the more likely people are to buy them.

Keep track of your online business

A Sites n Stores ecommerce solution means you can easily keep track of incoming customer orders and analyse patterns in your visitors’ behaviour.