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Pay-per-click marketing

More than 80% of web users find what they’re looking for using search engines. Although searches often turn up hundreds of pages worth of results, the vast majority of people don’t look beyond the first page.

So if you want to be seen at all online,
you need to be seen first.

Pay-per-click marketing (PPC) is a cost-effective, quick way of putting your online business in the best position to grab searchers’ attention and attract traffic to your website. PPC lets you get to the top of the sponsored listings on a search engine result page - and you only have to pay when someone actually clicks through to your site.

Minimal initial costs and almost immediate results make PPC the best choice for those businesses looking to make an impact fast.

With PPC, it’s all about landing pages. Get a well-written, attention-grabbing ad to the top of the paid listings and you rely on your landing page’s content to persuade visitors to do business with you.
Crucial to converting visitors into customers is ensuring the page they arrive it closely matches the content of your PPC ads. The Sites n Stores team knows how to achieve this and has achieved number one paid listings for a range of clients.

We are able to launch and maintain your PPC campaign, continually improving it and reporting back with regular results and analysis.

PPC is a fast, effective way to market to the biggest, most dynamic markets in the world, 24/7. With years of experience creating and managing PPC campaigns for a huge range of clients, Sites n Stores knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to sponsored ads.

Our PPC experts can deliver a campaign that will achieve the best rankings for the lowest prices and help drive targeted traffic to your business’s website.

Don’t wait. Start getting online marketing results immediately by calling us for a free, no-obligation consultation on 1300 196 530.