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Search Engine Marketing

The better your traffic, the better your chance of making more sales

And the better your search engine optimisation, the more traffic your website or ecommerce store is likely to get.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) aims to achieve the same thing as PPC - namely, high search rankings, great click-through rates and a decent chance of converting a visitor into a customer.

But SEO takes a different approach from PPC. Rather than paying for a sponsored ad to appear at the top of the paid listings, this technique focuses on getting the content, structure, navigation and links on (and off) your website to the point where Google and other search engines judge it to be exactly what their users are looking for.

It involves keyword research, copywriting, adjustments to design and navigation and an underlying consideration for User Experience.

While organic rankings are generally more difficult and take longer to achieve relative to PPC campaigns, you don’t pay each time a user clicks your listing. Sure, you might have to invest more time and money into getting there, but a number one organic listing is recognised as a valuable asset in terms of getting targeted traffic through to your business’s site.

Sites n Stores has achieved outstanding SEO results for several of our clients. With a dedicated team of SEO professionals working to manage and monitor your campaign as it evolves and improves, we can do all the research and testing required to get your site to the top of the pile and competing for valuable local, national and international visitors.

Not only do we design and build brilliant websites at bargain prices, we specialise in making sure those sites and online stores perform as well as they can in search engine results.

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