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You have to have an online presence

In 2011, the number of people who use the Internet topped 2 billion. Not only is that an impressive figure in itself, it’s almost double that recorded in 2006. The online world is growing phenomenally fast and not matter what business you’re in, you’d have to be mad not to have a website – especially in Australia, where more than two-thirds of us are using the web.

Your website is your most powerful marketing tool

Print, television, radio – forget it. Well, don’t forget it, but don’t look to these traditional channels if you’re looking for the greatest returns on your marketing investment. With a website you can provide live, up-to-date information to your audience and interact with them in ways never before possible. In fact, a great website can allow small and medium businesses to take on more powerful competitors.

More highly targeted advertising

The web allows businesses to target and connect with consumers more effectively and efficiently than in the past. When you pay for a TV or radio advertisement, you essentially pay for every set of eyes or ears it reaches. But how many of those people will actually be potential customers? With the web, business can target specific demographics and geographic regions.

Your website and online marketing are both scalable

Meaning you’re not locked in to a limited web campaign just because you’re starting small. As your business develops and your audience grows, we can easily upgrade and expand your online operation. What’s more, results can be almost instant - and measurable.

It's easy to keep track of everything

A business website is simple to monitor and moderate. You can access full usage statistics – how many visitors are browsing your site, where they’re from, what they like, what they don’t etc. This allows you to make changes accordingly and ultimately means you can tune in to what your audience wants.

Ease the burden on you and your staff

Your website is a fantastic source of information for your customers. Replace countless phone calls with blogs and FAQ sections and set up an online shopping cart for people to buy your products and services directly from your site.
Sites n Stores can help you launch a profitable, successful online business.

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